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Luxury watch exchange

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Published on March 7 2013, 00:06
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Internet has become the perfect place for the watch & clock collectors that want to buy, sell or simply looking for luxury watch exchange.

There is a numerous amount of websites about watches and it can be hard to find the right place where to find the timepiece you are searching for.

Ablogtowatch, Watchonisate, Hodinkee, Perpetuelle and PresentWatch are among the most popular websites dedicated to fine Swiss watches and prestigious watchmakers.

You can also find several forums about general topics or specific ones like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Omega and other brands.

PresentWatch had recently opened a new section dedicated to luxury watches classifieds that attracted our interest, where you can register for free and publish classifieds about fine wristwatches that became popular from 1920 all over the world, dethroning the pocket watch

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