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Breguet CLASSIQUE 7027

luxury timepiece by french manufacturer Breguet

Published on May 14 2010, 20:35

CLASSIQUE 7027 “La Tradition Breguet”

“La Tradition Breguet” timepiece is unique timepiece which has much more to offer than a stunning vintage design.

The Breguet CLASSIQUE 7027 symbolizes both a return to roots and the vision of a brand surely decide to face the future and watchmaking. This creation honors one of A.-L. Breguet’s major inventions which is more than famous all over the world, the pare-chute, completed in 1790 in order to protect the staff against shocks during the fights.

Deliciously crafted in pure yellow gold, this watch offers a new movement entirely designed and produced in the Breguet manufacture and it tooks almost four years to develop this timepiece.

The dial and the sapphire-crystal case-back are a pure example of the genius and beauty of the mechanism. This fantastic timepiece created from a revolutionary design, reveals bridges, escapement, wheels, barrels and more, which are usually hidden.

An exceptional timepiece which deserve the "lettres de noblesse".

The visual balance of the Breguet Classique 7027 is expertly highlighted by refined decorations with the multiple bridges and base-plate which are simply shot-blasted using a finishing technique demanding unique skills. This creation will definitely accompany time with a stunning purity and elegance.


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