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The Why Yacht

A luxury boat by the prestigious Hermès and Wally brands

Published on May 21 2010, 14:19
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The luxury WHY Yacht is the result of a beautiful collaboration of the prestigious saddler Hermès and the yachts constructor Wally, and it is pretty obvious that this amazing boat will be the "must have" for billionaires.

Well shaped, big, you may even say HUGE with his 58 meters length and 38 meters for the width, pretty impressive for a private yacht. The WHY boat is equipped with the latest technologies, in basically every fields.

A 25 meters swimming pool will always be here for you, making sure you feel comfortable even when the pacific sun is burning... spa, patio, heliport, a few annexes and much more to discover!

The "main" room for the happy owner offers a little bit more than 200 square meters, which is probably enough to install a king-size bed...

The WHY boat is a luxury yacht but its also an "ECO" Yacht. The whole surface of the WHY Yacht is covered by no less than 900 square meters of solar panels and an hybrid engine, which make of this beautiful boat a pretty nice thing for mother nature.

The price? Well, this is the only "thing" that might make it difficult for everybody to get one: 60 millions, and its in EUROS. You can also expect to push the price up to 100 millions if you want to add some "tailored" festures.

Website: The WHY Yacht


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Noah Miller 7 year(s) 10 month(s) ago at 22:07
Amazing yacht. The WHY is truly perfect
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