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Pershing 115

Luxury Yacht by Pershing - Pershing 115

Published on March 21 2010, 23:46

Pershing 115’ Gas Turbine: Fano – Rio de Janeiro one way trip!

The latest unit of the Pershing 115’ will leave shortly the moorings of the Marina dei Cesari in Fano for Brazil, last stop Rio de Janeiro. It will take the yacht about a week to sail round Italy, after which she will be loaded onto a large transport ship which will plough through the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil where her owner is eagerly waiting for her.
“South America is an extremely important market for us, and one on which we are achieving very good results. This is also due to the support of our dealers like, Spirit Yachts, which has been working with us for over 25 years,” comments Tilli Antonelli, President and Founder of the Pershing S.p.A. shipyard.

Pershing 115’ is the finest expression of the company’s distinctive values, a style revolution created to surprise. Developed by means of a design challenge which has kept Pershing staff, De Simoni Designer and Ferretti S.p.A.’s AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology) busy, this model is characterised by the highly original external lines, both sinuous and resolute at once, as well as the extraordinary performance of which she is capable while still maintaining a high level of comfort.

This 35 metre maxiyacht - flagship of the Pershing shipyard - is both bright and aggressive. The technical and style solutions chosen are highly innovative, painstaking care has been taken over the tiniest of details and the yacht guarantees an outstanding performance. The standard version of Pershing 115’ is powered by twin MTU diesel engines totalling 7400hp, combined with the applied thrust of two Kamewa Rolls Royce hydro-jets guaranteeing a top speed of around 40 knots. The recently launched Pershing 115’ features a significant innovation which makes her stand out from many megayachts. She has, in fact, been strengthened by a new generation Vericor TF50 gas turbine, able to create a power of over 5100hp, with a central hydro-jet thrust. The result is an improvement in both performance, with an equal overall weight, and resistance to significant stress. This technology, typical to aircraft, is rarely used on yachts due to its complexity and the cost of the individual components. In fact, its use requires special accessories, mechanical parts, and technologies incorporated in the entire system such as the titanium exhaust, and the reduction unit. Another huge advantage of this structure is that the yacht is quieter with no vibrations..…even at a top speed of 52 knots!


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