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Audi R8: a road car to die for

First released in 2007, Audi has just upgraded its entire R8 supercar range

Published on January 8 2013, 15:06
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First released in 2007, Audi has just upgraded its entire R8 supercar range, with the new models of the Coupe and Spyder going on sale worldwide at the end of 2012.

When a limited run came to China recently, the 80 models were numbered 1-99. The reason: because four is bad luck in China – it sounds like the word for death; and so no model with a four was included.

You can certainly imagine non R8 owners dying of jealousy. This really is the complete package, up there with the high-end Ferraris and Porsches.

A choice of V8 or V10 engine produces a 0-60 acceleration of around 3 seconds, and top speeds in excess of 300km/h, depending on the model. That’s fast – racing fast. No surprise since the R8 was tested on Germany’s Nurburgring F1 circuit, and is based on models that have won Audi the Le Mans 24 hour race for six of the last seven editions.

The R8 has looks to die for as well, with a wide, low-slung body, 19 inch alloy wheels, and a spoiler that raises automatically at speed. Inside the seats have a silk finish, and entertainment is provided by a 14 speaker Bang and Olufson sound system. With a DVD-based satellite navigation system, R8 drivers shouldn’t get lost either.

All-in-all, Audi has produced a winner that maintains its position at the top of the high-performance road car game.


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