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Pagani Zonda F

Juan Manuel Fangio was much more than a great champion

Published on March 28 2010, 23:10

Juan Manuel Fangio was much more than a great champion. His accuracy, his uprightness, and his human and technical sensibility were among his finest qualities; typical of his generation, he has been an example and an inspirational source to me. Very often, I ask myself how something so material, like a drawing or a technical choice, can express and convey the philosophy of such a men.

The name of "el coche", the way he used to call the car, should have been Fangio F1. He followed the project with a strong enthusiasm and according to his ideas the F1 had to be innovative, safe and had to be powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine. He then passed away and as a sign of respect I did not dare to call the car Fangio F1 and I decided to name it Zonda, "el viento de los Andes".

Today, after years spent in a rigorous search for perfection, the result is the Zonda F, a car that I wish to dedicate to Juan Manuel Fangio, the man who has made everything different.

Horacio Pagani

The Zonda F is the queen of 300 to 0.
And it’s not just about having a cutting-edge carbonceramic breaking system. Effective breaking is dependant on exploiting an array of forces; by utilizing the shock absorber geometry, the low center of gravity and the reduced weight, we manage to keep the car as flat on the ground as possible while countering any pitching effect. This way even the rear tyres remain stuck to the ground. Added to this the excellent ABS system, developed by Bosch, is at its best when the situation gets really tricky…

The price of the Pagini Zonda F is 480 000 Euros and the production of the Zonda F is limited to 25 cars.


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