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DeLafée Shine: world's first ephemeral body jewelry made with 24 karat gold

Published on June 8 2010, 21:12

DeLafée International, the expert in gold creations, launches DeLafée Shine: the world's first collection of ephemeral jewelry made with 24 karat gold.

DeLafée's jewelry caresses the skin with eye-catching shine. This extremely thin gold jewelry will harmoniously follow all the movements and natural contours of the skin.

DeLafée Tribal Collection
The Tribal collection includes 7 ephemeral jewels made with 24 karat gold

DeLafée Tribal Collection

DeLafée Butterflies Collection
The butterflies collections includes 6 ephemeral jewels made with 24 karat gold

DeLafée Butterflies collection

DeLafée Henna Collection
The Henna collections includes 8 ephemeral jewels made with 24 karat gold

DeLafée Henna Collection


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