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Cuisine courses with Eric Fréchon

A french Chef at home !

Published on April 4 2010, 19:26
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Eric Fréchon We had the privilege to have an interview with Eric Fréchon who received us for the official launch of his new book "Un Chef pour Recevoir Chez Soi" ('Cook like a chef at home').

When you discovering the cuisine of the Bristol Palace, where Eric Fréchon is the master of ceremony, you feel a bit impressed but everything seems to be easy, to be perfectly timed and organized.

risotto aux courgettes et jambon de pays What's on the menu?
Sucettes craquantes langoustines basilic, cubes de betterave au roquefort gratiné, escargot dans sa tomate cerise, risotto aux courgettes et jambon de pays, et pour terminer, blinis sucrés au caviar de mûres. Easy !?

Even if all this exotic names can sound a bit complicated to novices, the cuisine is feasible thanks to the precise and clear explanation you get from the Chef. Of course we didn't manage to make something "amazing", like Eric Fréchon do all the time, but we must said we managed is pretty wel, and the technique you acquire during this few hours will help for life!

blinis sucrés au caviar de mûres This experience was purely amazing, and we can recommend it without any hesitation.

The courses are fun, easy to understand and you can get a unique chance to learn from one of the best french Chef. For more information please read below.

"Un Chef pour Recevoir Chez Soi" by Eric Fréchon Available from the 25th of March 2010 for the price of
24,90 €


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