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Top casinos to visit when travelling in Europe

Discovering the cities of glamour while enjoying fun games at casinos

Published on November 1 2013, 14:25
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For many people taking a holiday abroad, a visit to the casino can be the jackpot when it comes to spicing up the trip with a little excitement and glamour.

Europe has many fine casinos throughout most of its major countries and cities, so you should not have any problem finding a great one to sample the slot machines, poker tables or roulette wheels at, wherever you plan to travel to. Of course Monte Carlo, playground of the jet set and high roller gamblers, is a great place to start – and there is at least one casino there that you can’t afford to miss out on.

The Monte Carlo Casino is one of Europe’s oldest casinos, and carries significant prestige. This is a casino straight out of a James Bond film – and indeed it has been used as a location in more than one of them.

Top casinos to visit when travelling in Europe

Which makes it one of the best places to slip into your tuxedo or evening gown and pretend to be a high roller for a night or two (although you should probably refrain from living out that fantasy at the actual gambling tables). However, although it might be hard to tear yourself away from the glamour and glitz of Monte Carlo, there are other great European casinos that you should check out.

Indeed the biggest European casino can actually be found in the Portuguese city of Lisbon, and anyone with a passion for gaming will need to visit the Casino Estoril. Alongside a wealth of live table games and more than 1000 slot machines, this is also a place where you can try your hand at less well-known games such as Banca Francesca, making it ideal for anyone a little jaded with the standard casino games fare. Such as wide choice of games is important in order to stave off competition from online casinos such as Gaming Club online casino

Finally if you are planning a trip to the UK capital, you should consider stopping off at the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Street, which used to be the famed Empire Music Hall, but is now the city’s biggest and most spectacular casino. Covering more than 55,000 feet it offers top quality gambling and fine dining, making it one of the major tourist attractions in London.


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